Figure Skating: From the Boards

Let the skating begin! August 17, 2010


First of all, welcome to “From the Boards,” a new blog dedicated to the wonderful world of figure skating! Let me introduce myself, then this blog.

My name is Tara. Since 2002, figure skating has been a crucial part of each fall. Why 2002? Because I was living in Utah during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and it was then that my casual, every-four-years fandom became an obsession of sorts, jump started by the story, the grace, and the character of the one and only Michelle Kwan. I’d always been a skating “fan,” but that February I finally realized how spectacular it really is. And voila! A figure skating fanatic was born.

Now, I keep track of each season, following my personal favorites along with everyone else. And this season, I’m sharing it with you, here, from my point of view: From the Boards.

Here, I’ll take a look at the top international competitors as the gear up for the post-Olympic season. I’ll follow each international event as they come, giving you my perspective as the skating world turns.

Follow me on Twitter (@FromTheBoards) for live play-by-play coverage once the season begins, as well as any other juicy tidbits I find to share.

Check back here regularly as the season nears, then every week as the best skaters in the world face off to prove they deserve the spotlight.

You ready? I am.

Let the skating begin!


5 Responses to “Let the skating begin!”

  1. Amos Fitz Says:

    Super Awesome! I love it! Keep it up… I enjoyed the first vlog…

    Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen and Ladies… Let the Skating Begin^^

  2. Mary Crispin Says:

    Loved every single word and memory they invoked!! Great job!! Looking forward to more. ♥

  3. Welcome to the figure skating blogosphere! I’m looking forward to following you!

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