Figure Skating: From the Boards

Stop #2: Canada October 28, 2010

After the whirlwind of last weekend’s NHK Trophy to kick off the Grand Prix series, I was happy for a few days to breath. Then I just got excited all over again for this weekend’s Skate Canada event. First up, my fantasy skating picks.

This event has the potential to be as competitive as you’ll ever see. With Dube/Davison and Virtue/Moir out in the pairs and dance disciplines, those events are pretty wide open for some teams who have been just so close in the past, as well as for teams that are relative newbies on the senior circuit to break through.

The ladies event could be interesting as well, with some youngsters ready to jump into the “big leagues” with other skaters who, again, have been close to the top but not quite able to hold it together. I went with Phaneuf, Meier and Gilles on my fantasy team, but it very well could have been Czisny, Imai and Zadwadski (oh, and throw in Fumie Suguri who is also a wild card). It could be VERY interesting.

The men’s competition probably has the biggest names with Chan, Oda and Rippon in the “A” grouping, but the fact remains – it’s anyone’s game. Chan may have an edge, but he’s not invincible, especially with such tough competitors pushing him.

Canadian skating fans are always incredible, so I have no doubt that it will be a wonderful event for the skaters and spectators alike. Canadian’s tend to do well in front of a home crowd, but there are those like Chan who, having not skated his best in Vancouver in February, will be looking to make a big statement to the fans, to his challengers, and to himself. The lineup here may not have the same buzz as NHK Trophy did, but I have a feeling it will be just as fun to watch!

(Plus, it’s on the same continent as I am, so my 3:00 a.m. twitter updates won’t be necessary!)

Hope you’re as excited as I am. Follow me on Twitter (@fromtheboards) for updates throughout the weekend. Then I’ll be back with thoughts, reviews and comments after the event finishes.

Until then…


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