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Vlog: The 4CC Breakdown — Men February 19, 2012


3 Responses to “Vlog: The 4CC Breakdown — Men”

  1. Laura Finkelstein Says:

    Interesting comments. I could watch Takahashi ‘skate to the phone book’ and be entranced (his ex. program is to piece of music w/4 notes & I’m hooked!); his musicality goes through his fingertips and his ‘presence’ on ice is tops. However, even tho I think judging is still way too ‘subjective’ (& don’t agree w/ it all the time), what Chan has are: perfectly centered! spins & jumps and consistency. I wish he’d extend his legs more in his jumps and camel spins and use his arms & hands more elegantly, but his consistency is what is getting him high marks. I think Rippon needs a new outfit (more “manly”). I think Fernandez has all the potential in the world, but needs a great choreographer!! He’s the one I’ve really sat up & looked at & wished he wasn’t using Orser’s ‘old-fashioned’, semi-jazzy choreography. I went back and watched Kurt Browning and Stephane Lambiel on YouTube: what they had was (1) presence on the ice! and (2) listened to their music. Both Chan & Takahasi do that. Takahashi has incredible artistry; I think he’s way under-marked on ‘performance’ scores. I think Chan is technically sound but he could use more ballet training to become what I consider an “artist”. Chan could not perform Takahashi’s program at all. I watched the Europeans and Russians and Japanese nationals on YT: the only man w/potential is Hanyu (and one younger Japanese skater). I thought Browning had retired, but he hasn’t: and he can still skate circles around both. Lambiel entrances me w/his artistry (I heard he was doing some coaching of Takahashi). If Chan ups his artistry, he’ll be (rightfully) unbeatable. But the person (male skater) I want to watch, always, is Takahashi. He has the “it” factor. My favorite ice dancers (combination of ‘rawness’ & interesting, iconic programs) are Davis/White; ones w/most potential are Weaver/Poje. V/M leave me cold; they might be technically excellent, but they feel ‘fake’ to me. I’d rather watch D/W skate to “Eleanor Rigby”, etc. than anyone else. I went back & watch Zhen/Shao re pairs; and they’re still in a class by themselves. The Germans are the only ones who are trying new things and have the capability to choreograph ‘outside the box’ and sometimes follow thru (shades of what their coach used to do). Love your blog. Keep commenting!

  2. auroraexecution Says:

    I will fully admit to being biased because I love Song, but he skated very well at Nationals (which occurred before the Grand Prix circuit) and got 1st indisuptably. At the National Winter Games, which are like an internal Olympics, he skated fairly well. Not to the full of his potential, but considering he won 1st on the combined score, I don’t think I’d say he didn’t skate well, and I thought his short program there was better than either Grand Prix event. His 4cc score was abysmal, but he was having a lot of trouble adjusting to the altitude, as well as recovering from illness, and he refused to tone down any of his jumps, which meant he made it a lot worse for himself. So, I like to think he actually has a halfway decent chance of doing well at Worlds, when I feel like due to 4cc people are just sort of writing him off now.

    Sorry if that sounded super critical or anything. I did agree with a decent amount of what you said, and was fairly impressed by how well you handled discussing Chan. I don’t like Chan very much myself, but I do appreciate that you can talk about him in positive and negative lights in a calm, mature way.

    • Thank you! I have been very impressed with Song, especially this season. I will not be terribly surprised if he does, in fact, do quite well in Nice. I’m not completely convinced he has the consistency to be right at the top, but he definitely has the potential!

      Thanks for the comment!

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