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Nice — Two Stars, One Champion April 1, 2012


10 Responses to “Nice — Two Stars, One Champion”

  1. Hanna Kniss Says:

    I started following your Twitter for these Worlds and I really enjoyed it a lot and I’m thankful for the analysis and the discussion going on with you ^_^
    I agree with your opinion about this mens-event, cause of course Patrick doesn’t give himself the scores, but I still feel he shouldn’t have won the Free, though probably no doubt that he would have won the title anyway with the points-advantage he had after the short. Overall it was a really really exceptional mens-event and it makes me look forward so much for the next season, I always wonder how I come over the summer without having figure-skating to watch! XD

    • It was an exciting event! I think, looking at the scores, that Takahashi could certainly have been given higher PCS marks. But I’m not sure it would have been enough to overtake Chan — certainly not overall, but maybe not even in the Free Skate. But, it’s so exciting to have two such brilliant skaters at the top of our sport!

      Thanks for the comments. Hopefully the off season goes by quickly! 🙂

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Hi there. Thanks for your post! I really enjoy your blog – it’s nice to hear someone else’s perspective. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you on the whole Daisuke/Patrick controversy. I don’t think it’s as simple as the “Patrick is just technically better and will win based on that alone” reasoning. I understand that Patrick does two quads, one of which in combination, but what people seem to forget is that he only does one triple axel. Daisuke, on the other hand, does one quad but two triple axels, one of which in combination and in the latter half of his program. That is just a one revolution difference and if you look at their protocols, Patrick wins the technical mark by just fractions of a point. Daisuke’s quad, by the way, may have looked as if he touched down with his free leg, but in the slow motion replay it looked clean to my eye. In this competition, it really came down to the components. I just can’t get on board with Daisuke’s component marks. He may not deserve 9s in every area, but he certainly deserves them in performance/execution and interpretation.

    • Hey there! Thanks for following. This is a really complicated competition between these two and — much like D/W vs. V/M in Ice Dance — it’s like splitting hairs to decide who is “better”!

      You’re absolutely right — Chan’s second triple axel is something he really needs to work on. That’s a massive element in a men’s competition, and if he had it as consistently as the quad toe, there’d be much less discrepancy when he wins! Still, though, the base value for those quads compared to the triple axels is more than two points in Chan’s favor. And while he lost a lot of points on the missed axel here, and gained significant ground in the PCS, without that second quad toe, he wouldn’t have won the Free Skate. The other bobbles would have been too much, and that .40 margin in the TES would have disappeared, and likely given Takahashi the lead.

      The PCS marks are a bit more difficult to break down, as they’re the most subjective of the points! I also agree that the spread between the two was (and nearly always is!) too much. In fact, I would have given Takahashi the edge in Performance/Execution and Interpretation. Even so, it wouldn’t have been enough of an edge to overcome the TES scores AND the Short Program scores.

      Interesting to note that Hanyu, too, beat Takahashi in the FS. Not in the PCS marks, but in the TES total.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your perspective!

      • Hanna Kniss Says:

        Yes, the under-rotated Flip and therefore the not so high GOE’s on that and some other jumps put Daisuke behind, though the TES base-value of Dai’s Free is a little higher than Yuzuru’s. But that leaves more things for him to improve and to get the TES-score up, right? In the small-medal-ceremony for the FP Daisuke said, that he wants to put two Quads in his program for the next season (it was so funny, he couldn’t continue to speak, cause of the roaring fans reacting to that XD). This will be so amazing, I can’t even begin to imagine how fierce the competition between Daisuke and Patrick will then turn out, even more so since Daisuke is steadily working on his Quad-Flip. ^_^ And what was it for Patrick? A Salchow?

      • Yes, if Dai brings out two quads next year, it will be SUCH an intense battle! Right now, Patrick is just doing two quad toes (one in combination). So if Dai gets that quad flip consistent and clean, it might just be Patrick who has to step up his game!!

      • Lindsay Says:

        Ooo this makes me excited!! Daisuke improved so much this year, I can’t wait to see what he does next year. Is there video anywhere from the small medal ceremony? I’d love to see it!

      • Hanna Kniss Says:

        The fan-recording I found earlier got already deleted again (arrgh), but this clip from a japanese news-show has it too, though only really short at the end, starts around 1:24s, before that they’re talking about his knee-surgery earlier last year and how he finally landed the Quad in the Free! BTW Daisuke’s english is so cute~

  3. Hanna Kniss Says:

    Here is the link:

    (I totally forgot to post it up there *lol*)

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