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Nice — Ladies’ Night Out April 2, 2012


4 Responses to “Nice — Ladies’ Night Out”

  1. AE Says:

    No one seems to remember her, but I loved Kexin Zhang. One of only two triple-triples of the night executed beautifully, only one popped jump, amazing footwork sequence…and never mentioned by any predictions as a possible contender for top 10, but she made 7th without much fuss. And she’s 16 in her senior debut year.

    I’m probably biased, but I’ve seen other people say she was a bit underscored. >.> Just sayin’.

    • She’s wonderful! I really enjoyed her this year. At this point she doesn’t/hasn’t had the consistency to necessarily make her a top contender. But I fully expect that to change, maybe even next season! She’s a beautifully talented skater. Looking forward to seeing how she progresses!

      • AE Says:

        Er, I think she’s been fairly consistent all year. 4th at CoC, 5th at 4cc, and 7th at Worlds. For a 16 year old who no one thought was going to amount to anything this year, I’d say that was decent consistency, especially considering how many people kept insisting skaters like Lacoste and Phaneuf might be contenders despite their much worse consistency.

      • Right. I didn’t necessarily mean inconsistent in results. It’s more in some of the elements where she (along with plenty of others!) lacks a bit of consistency. But really, she’s massively improved this year, especially technically. If she makes that kind of improvement in the components next season, she should place very well internationally!

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